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Kannamma 30-05-2018 Raj TV Kanamma 30.05.2018 Tamil Serial Online | Kannamma 30/05/2018 Raj TV Serial 30th May 2018
Watch Raj TV Kannamma 30.05.18 Serial Kannamma 30/05/18 Latest Today Episode 03 Online. Kannamma 30-05-2018 – Raj tv Serial | Raj tv Kannamma 30-05-18

Synopsis: The protagonist is a beautiful and intelligent girl is a school dropout due to her poor situation. Kannamma is made to work in a fashion garment store where she shines and earns everyone’s appreciation. Kannamma gets caught in a delicate situation and in a very crucial and unexpected circumstance in the life of Karthik her boss, she marries him to save his respect and the prestige of his family. However Karthik acts reluctant about this marriage and disrespects his wife. The struggles Kannnamma faces to convince his husband forms the rest of the story.
Directed By : Gobi
Produced By : M.kannapiran
Distributor : Sri Bharathi Association
Cast : Surjith Ansary, Gayathri Kanna, Mathumitha, Gowri janu

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Raj tv Serials, Kannamma
Raj TV Kannamma 30th May 2018 Episode 03 Review/Discussion:

Kannamma a young girl known for her beauty, intelligent and hard working abilities.Due to her family situations coupled by her arrogant father who consider as unlucky, she dropped her school pushes to work in her father’s tailor shop itself.Her father always scolds her by foul and offensive language. Though she digested her father’s behaviour but she got a new freedom in her life by an act of her father when she got a job in a fashion garment through his recommendation. Will she fight and win her family battlefield? Can she save her family life?

Category: Kannamma, Raj TV Serials, Tamil TV Serials,

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